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Bin Maintenance Services, Assembly and Distribution


Bin Maintenance for Waste Management Companies or Direct To Council.

The Best in The Business


TBG are the market leaders in bin maintenance services, assembly and distribution projects in Australia and New Zealand. Over the last twenty years TBG have rolled out four million bins safely, accurately and efficiently!

We pride ourselves on our proven track record to get the job done in an efficient and friendly manner. Our team are dedicated to making your job run smoothly and on time. Don’t leave your bin assets to chance. Call TBG today for a quote or to discuss your needs.

Proudly Servicing Australia & New Zealand

Assembley & Distribution

TBG can service any size of project, from a new neighbourhood to a new city.

Bin Maintenance

We also carry out bin maintenance work either through Waste Management companies or direct to Council providing ongoing day-to-day support using our skilled & experienced staff.

Bin Delivery System (BINSYS)

The smart real-time mobile devices guide operators use BINSYS in the field throughout the delivery process.


Bin Stock Management

Every device is fitted with a powerful barcode scanner for fast and accurate scanning of barcodes.

Trained & Inducted Staff

Professional and efficient staff using state-of-the-art equipment and specialised tools.

Next Day Repairs and Deliveries

Successfully rolled out over 4 million bins across Australia & New Zealand

Stock Utilization Analysis

Working together with the Waste Management Companies & Councils to achieve a timely, professional outcome to every job.

“Don’t leave anything to chance. You can rely on TBG with our proven track record to get the job done.”

Adrian Koochew, TBG CEO

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