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Bin Delivery System

Our teams operate using smart real-time mobile devices which guide the operators in the field through all stages of the delivery process.


BINSYS – Real-time Project Management

The smart real-time mobile devices guide operators in the field through the delivery.

For the driver of the truck, there is an easy to navigate listing of the properties, with a rolled up colour coded display to show the progress. At each location, a detailed listing of the actions to be performed is displayed in an easy to read format (bin delivery, lid change, bin removal). Each action captures the required inputs like the bin serial number, notes and result (completed, warning or exception). Additional information is captured when a warning or exception is recorded (property not found, vacant lot, bin not found) for further detail and reporting.

GPS location information is captured throughout the delivery for detailed position tracking of bin locations and investigating delivery issues.

Every device is fitted with a powerful barcode scanner for fast and accurate scanning of barcodes. A built-in flashlight is enabled for overcast weather or dark locations.Manual entry is available for damaged barcodes.

Tight controls and validation ensure the accuracy of the data. Every field is validated and bin serial numbers are checked for duplicate entries. Data quality and integrity is critical. A durable delivery address label is attached to each bin, these are printed on a thermal laser printer giving a quality long lasting finish.

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