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Kerbside wheelie bins

We lead the pack when it comes to providing bin maintenance services. Whether your bin stocks needs replacing across the board, or help dealing with a one-off project we are always here to help!

Bin Maintenance

We carry out bin maintenance work through both Waste Management companies and direct to Council. Our bin maintenance is a next day service, including lid repairs, wheel repairs, and size change overs, replacement of stolen bins and delivery of bins to new properties.

We pride ourselves in working together with the Waste Management Company or Council to achieve a timely, professional service. We provide next-day bin maintenance for a large number of Melbourne and Regional Victorian councils.

Bin Maintenance Services

Contact us to discuss:

Wheel repairs

Lid replacements

Size change overs

Replacing stolen bins

Deliveries to new locations

Our skilled & flexible workforce allows us to respond to changing daily demand while meeting deadlines – make bin maintenance our problem!

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